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The Next Big Deal

The development team behind such successful projects like AnchorFinance and NiobFinance will launch soon the next revolutionary platform – NAFT.

NAFT will be an NFT Marketplace like we never saw before. The first roll-out is planned for end of the second quarter 2022 and will include basic features of a classic NFT platforms with new elements of user incentives. Being based at launch on the Binance Smart Chain (later it will go crosschain), platform will offer very low operational fees and it will be powered by tradable BEP20 token – NAFT. In addition, the team already promised many perks and bonuses for holders of ANCHOR and NIOB tokens. “Cooperation with other platforms and projects is by no means ruled out” said Bernhard, the main developer. “Much more”, he said, “It follows our project’s philosophy and motto – Crypto For Everyone”.

“We want to bring to the market a product exceeding the highest quality and security standards, offering it to as many people as possible.”

Besides, the project team is already in contact with recognised gaming industry developpers to discuss use cases of NAFT token. Using it in the MetaVerse and in-house blockchain games will be a matter of time as well. Thus, it is already clear that this is not just another NFT platform or token. This is the beginning of something BIG in the near future.

NAFT, on top of the AnchorSwap and NiobSwap, will be another pillar of the whole ecosystem being built by Chiffre IT Solutions. We can’t wait to see what else this team can pull out of its sleeve.

as it can be

You can create, buy and sell as well as start an auction for your NFT paying only the usual transactions fees.

We are about to develop the most straightforward User Experience and User Interface on the market. Easy to understand and easy to use for everyone and everywhere.


You don’t need any coding experience at all to make your own NFT. This launchpad is for every one, also the artists who are not well known yet, increasing their exposure with bigger number of the followers and community.